The ultimate tool for finding emails

MailDB is a new and easy way to find the email address of anyone on the web with just a domain name.

Access to the Beta platform is currently available. Reserve your spot now.

Stop wasting time searching for emails

Our web crawler finds real emails on the web, posted by real people, for you.


Search any domain and get a list of their email addresses


Each email is verified and provides its own list of sources


Filter through each list of emails and save the ones you want

Domain Search

Type in any domain and start building your list of emails. Our crawler continually searches the web for emails on blogs, articles, comments, and wherever else there is content.

Easily view all email addresses for a company that would otherwise be impossible to find.


Authenticate any email address with our verification checks. Save countless hours by eliminating those hard bounces and never send another undeliverable email again.

Export to your favorite CRM

Easily move all emails found with MailDB into your favorite CRM software.

Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, and many more platforms are supported.

Bulk Search and Verification

Use our bulk feature to search any number of domains at once.

Have your own list of email addresses in need of verification? Use our bulk verification tool to upload any number of emails and have them verified in just minutes.

Easy to use API

Build new products or integrate MailDB into an existing one using our API.

Simple REST calls enable you to easily pull data from MailDB to any HTTP enabled device.

Chrome Extension

Easily find the email addresses of any domain or LinkedIn profile with our Chrome extension.

Why we do it.

Our goal with MailDB is simple - to offer an innovative platform that saves both time and money. We find emails so you don't have to. We don't guess results, we verify them. Why we do it? For you.

- The MailDB Team

Access to the Beta platform is currently available. Reserve your spot now.